Husband Dies Saving Wife

A man in Chicago is being charged with murder after shooting a man at a restaurant. The murder enter the pizza place to attempt to rob the cash register. The cashier was ran by Angela Giovanni, who was the wife of the owner of the restaurant. When the burglar pointed a gun at Angela and tried to force him to give her the money, her husband Giovanni noticed and quickly stepped up to protect his wife.

64-year-old Giovanni then physically confronted the 23-year-old when he saw he had a gun, allowing Angela time to escape, police said.

After following his wife out, Donancricchia then returned to confront Brown-Turner again, and was shot once in the chest, reported.

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This man is a prime example of a hero! He put his life on the line to save the women that he loved. His bravery, love, and dedication is an inspiring path that we should all try and follow!


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